Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blue and White, Ignite!

Say it with me now, nice n' loud: "Let's go Ma-gic! Let's go Ma-gic!"

Game 3 is tonight, and it's do or die.

I honestly have not lost faith in the team. This is a very special group of men. And we're at home now! I know I've hardly had any posts regarding anything other than the Magic lately, but seriously y'all, they're consuming my life now!

We're super lucky to have gotten tickets for the game (at face value). The perks of being season ticket holders: a good thing. My sister, her husband, Hubby and I are all going tonight. We'll meet up downtown around 6:30 to get some dinner before the game, then stroll over to the Arena to take in Fan Fest. The city is electrified, and I am tickled blue and white about it. As people who've loved our Magic through the good and the bad, it's so fantastic to see them doing well and to have an entire city behind them. They're even closing down several blocks of the main road through downtown! They've extended last call to 3am! The City Beautiful is The City Bluetiful. The Magic have been in the Finals only one other time, back in 1995. It was exhilarating then, but even moreso for us now as adults.

My nails are blue. I'm wearing my star jewelry. I have my Jameer Nelson jersey laid out at home, ready to put on. I may even get crazy with some sparkly blue eyeliner.

With a tip off time of 9 o'clock EDT, I will be one tired puppy at work tomorrow. Hopefully, it will all be worth it. Like I said, I have total faith in this team. We may be down at the moment, but don't make the mistake of counting us out.

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