Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guest Room

Hubby and I moved into our home in July 2008, a month before our wedding. Judging from the amount we've unpacked thus far, you'd probably guess we've been there 2 weeks. Ok, it's not really that bad, but I'm getting to the point where I (or we, Hubby's not getting out of this) need to get moving on truly settling in.

I try not to be too hard on myself. Everyone reminds me, "you have a lifetime together to get your home decorated!" Well, that may be so, but that doesn't keep my blood pressure from spiking every time I look at the piles of boxes in our garage!

Before the wedding, my priority was wedding-related business. After the wedding, every minute not spent working or sleeping was spent at the hospital with mama. After she passed away, I had no interest in doing much of anything, especially something as tedious as unpacking. Lately, I have started coming around and realizing that something must be done. With so much change in my life over the past year, I think that's why I'm craving an opportunity to take control and make things how I want them.

The room that bothers me most? The guest room (with my 'craft room' being a close second--but that is another rant for another day). I can deal with a bit of mess...until I am faced with 'milestones' that show that I'm making no progress. Case in point: Hubby's best friend has visited us 3 times since we moved in, and the room is in the same sorry shape it was last summer.

I know. He's a guy, he doesn't care, he just wants a place to sleep. But I'm sure someone has to know where I'm coming from, right? A guest room is a "gift" to my guests, and a presentation of what I want them to think of us. I want it comfy and cozy....not the headboard-less mattress on a boxspring (oh, for shame!)

I do have a decorating plan...after I find the stuff out in the garage, that is. The previous owners painted one accent wall in each bedroom, and this one is Carolina blue. While it is not ideal, we do not have the time or money to waste painting, so I am willing to work with it. We'll be using my old bed and frame (a beautiful black iron canopy bed). My old college comforter is a Martha Stewart/K-Mart find that I still love: pale yellow with powder blue and white daisies. I think that'll work with the wall as well as possible--and I won't have to buy anything. Then it's just a matter of adding my old nightstand and other accessories (the little touches are my fave part!). I want to buy myself a bigger dresser soon, so my old one can find a new home in the guest room.

Just for fun, here's the stock photo of my old bed frame. I love it so much. Mom always told me, "decorate your room exactly as you want it now while you're single!" I'm so glad I listened. (Single ladies: listen to my mama!) One day, if I have a little girl, I hope she'll love sleeping in this bed! (I covered my yellow/Martha comforter with a dusty lilac duvet, so the purple walls show the look of my old bedroom nicely.)

I know what I want to do (most of the time) I just have trouble getting there! Oh well...it's not like we don't have forever to decorate, haha. I think I've heard that before....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Basketball Babble

Since Hubby is a basketball coach, it should come as no surprise that March is a highly anticipated month around our house. I've always loved basketball myself. I can remember shooting hoops as a kid with my dad: he'd be Larry Bird, and I'd be his rebounder, Kevin McHale (this was before we got our own team in town, so being Irish, we rooted for the Celtics til we got our Magic).

With my 2 picks for the final game out, my bracket has officially gone to Hell. It started with such promise! I'd been wanting a Pitt/Memphis match-up. With Pitt, Memphis and Mizzou out, I think I'll root for Louisville. At least their mascot has meaning to me.

At least Pitt is still alive in the women's tourney. I'm surprised UT didn't have much of a year. Being a Gator, it is my moral obligation to loathe Tennessee. But I admire Pat Summitt and will cheer for her when my Gators are not in contention. I figure if UF can't be the winner, then someone in the SEC should at least get the glory. After all, it's the best conference ever.

Speaking of Gator basketball, I was happy to hear Coach Donovan quickly shoot down the rumors that he was leaving for UK. Sorry to dash your dreams again, Big Blue. Billy D has turned you down twice now. I know Kentucky b-ball is legendary and it's a great job on paper, but Billy the Kid isn't sitting by the phone like a lonely girl on prom night (maybe that's a bad analogy to pick, considering we didn't make it to "The Big Dance" this year...but heck, neither did UK).

Hubby is in Tallahassee participating in his fantasy baseball draft (this is year 11, or something crazy like that) so I have the house to myself today. I wish I could tell you I'm doing something fantastic, but I think the best I'll manage is laundry and organizing my craft (ok, "junk") room. I store the majority of my clothes in that room's closet as well, so I'd like to make some space. But first, I need to run out to Target to pick up a few things...let's see if I can manage to leave with just the 3 things I need---yeah, right!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Despite some of my whining, I do try to keep things fun here. But today, I can't help but be a bit sad. I miss my mama. I lost her 6 months ago today.

She went into the ICU the day of my sister's wedding/the day after my own wedding (yes, we did back-to-back weddings. They were both very small--mine was the largest at 35 guests--and we wanted to make things simple for our out of town family. Plus, neither of us had ever wanted a huge wedding).

I miss her so much. She really was my best friend. It's a really empty feeling. I still "talk" to her all the time. I'm sure people would think I'm crazy, but it preserves my sanity. Despite my uncertainty toward heaven/the afterlife, I really do feel she's with me. I don't mean to be all "poor me", but it has not been easy. Adjusting to married life is trying enough. I should be a blissful newlywed without a care in the world, and these times are something I cannot get back. Our vows were tested from day one: "for better or for worse", well, the "worse" sure made itself known right away. Life as I knew it changed in an instant.

Whenever I see a cardinal, I think of my mom. She loved nature and would always point out "Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal" to us as babies. The morning she died, I sat out on our patio and was amazed at the number of them that had gathered in our yard. They now seem to appear just when I need a reminder of mom.

Let's hope it eventually gets easier. I know you never truly stop hurting, but I hope I continue to get better at dealing with it. It's a whole new "normal" now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where's my Martha??

Oh, booo.

I finally programmed the DVR to record Martha every morning, and I've been thoroughly enjoying a nightly dose of bitchy perfectionism. I'd been especially looking forward to Monday's knitting episode. I really thought it'd be inspirational (and motivational).

So yes, you guessed it, Mr. DirecTV DVR went heywire on me and didn't record. Hubby was concerned for me, but he became concerned when he realized it also did not record Celebrity Apprentice. Ha ha ha.

I know I can wait and view it online later this week, and I know there are many other things to be bummed about greater than this. But still, boooo, DVR!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A little funny...

A second post for today, but I thought this little exchange between Hubby and me this weekend sums my pink addiction up pretty darn well:

Me: (in kitchen, tiddying up)
Hubby: "whatcha up to?"
Me: "Just finishing up some cleaning. I'm proud of us for keeping the kitchen looking nice all week!"
Me: "Yeah, me too." (looks at the counter at a neon pink foo-foo drink glass we brought back from our last cruise) "Do you want me to load that into the dishwasher too? Or did you want it out?"
Me: (looks at glass as if seeing it for the first time) "Oh! Yeah! I guess I missed that one...."
Hubby: (amused and chuckling) "You don't even see pink anymore, do you? It's like, a neutral to you now?"

Yeah....so? ;-)

I guess I do own a lot of pink (pink mixer, pink cell phone, pink iPod...if Dell and Cannon had sold pink laptops and Powershots when I last purchased, those'd be pink too...nevermind clothing and accessories) but I don't think I'll ever see the day where I don't get excited over pink! Can you imagine?

In a Pickle

No, not really--for once. I made some this weekend!

I modified the recipe I found on one of my very favorite websites ever, www.allrecipes.com. I boiled some white vinegar and sugar til the sugar dissolved, then put in some salt, tumeric, mustard seed, and pickling spice. (In the process, I spilled nearly an entire tin of mustard seeds on our kitchen floor. Despite my best clean-up efforts, they are scattered from here to Kingdom Come and I will be finding them til my yet-to-be-born children go off to college. So much for my cute method of spice storage--I'm actually surprised it took this long to have a disaster!)

Anyhow, I sliced up some smallish cukes and a few sweet yellow onions. I stuffed them down in old (clean) spaghetti sauce jars, and poured the liquid over it. I should have let it cool some, but I was impatient. And there you go! A few short hours later---refrigerator pickles! Not too sweet, just how I like them.

Get it? Sweet Pickles books? Remember them? I loved those books!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Morning, y'all!

It's a rare weekend post from me. I'm enjoying the good life right now, and wanted to share. I'm out on the patio right now. I've finished reading the Sentinel and brought my laptop out to enjoy the cool morning weather. The sun is shining and there's a breeze (which unfortunately is blowing in some smoke from a brush fire in the next county over; it's the only negative right now). I have 1 cat sitting on the chaise lounge with me, and the other is off watching the squirrels feed in the yard. To top it off, I have a delish mug of caramel creme coffee. Yes, life is good.

On Friday I did manage to run into TJ Maxx to check for Lilly dresses. They had 1 that I tried on, and while it fit like a glove, the colors looked hideous on me. The dress was a Willa Hydrangea Eyelet in pale yellow and pink. Those colors, when worn by a very pale cool toned person, is not a good thing. I was pale pinky-peach from head to toe and completely washed out. Even the dressing room attendant lamented the color situation with me, haha. At least I know I am definitely a 2, so that helps with eBay. I did find an adorable pair of pink madras shorts that weren't too short, but the check out line was so long that I gave up.

Yesterday (to take Hubby's mind off of FSU's loss) we went to Viera for a spring training game. We saw the Cardinals pound the poor Nationals. Then we drove up to Titusville to eat an early dinner at Dixie Crossroads. Mmmm, fresh Florida rock shrimp and royal red shrimp. After that, we drove back homeward and test drove "our future cars". Mine: a Honda CR-V EX-L (Glacier Blue); Hubby's: VW CC. Holy navy beans, I love "my" car. *Sigh* Our night ended back at home, eating Edy's Thin Mint ice cream. A great day.

Later today we're going to the Flea Market to stroll around. I get to browse crap I don't need, and Hubby is more than happy to go along. I'm sure the fact they sell 20 oz. beers for $2 has nothing to do with it. (Thus far, our tipsy impulse buys have been few, if any. Edit: Hubby bought some roasted almonds today, that's it!)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Just another Friday with some random thoughts to throw out there to y'all...

* I read "Pink, Green & Southern" yesterday, and have been chomping at the bit to get to TJMaxx to check and see if there's anything Lilly in my size. I have a feeling it's been picked over by all the uppity women around here, but it can't hurt to look!

* I need to stop in Publix after work for dinner fixings, so maybe I can swing into the Maxx real quick then. Hubby is having some friends over (I guess "we" are having friends over, truly, but they're "his friends that I like") for some NCAA viewing. Specifically his alma mater, FSU. (How does a Gator/Nole couple work? How did this happen?!) I'm thinking I'll make baked ziti. I'm also thinking I want to do something fun for dessert, but I'm not sure what yet.

* Not to brag, but I'm pretty proud of my bracket after day 1. 13-3! And I even predicted a 5-12 seed upset.

* I'm wearing the prettiest nail polish of all time. China Glaze "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" (I wish it was 5 right now!) It's a glass-flecked magenta/fuschia that absolutely glows. It deserves a picture. Too bad I went to sleep with it apparently not totally dry, so I have a dent and sheet marks. I was hoping to make it last all weekend, but my OCD/Prissy self will probably want to re-do tonight.

* I put some sunless tanner on my legs last night. L'Oreal Sublime Bronze gel. It's really great stuff and in the past I've had fantastic luck with it, but I think I'm out of practice. Out in the daylight this morning I could really see my mistakes. I'll probably do another coat tonight to even things out. Even so, a blotch or two is better than melanoma, right>

* An old semi-not quite-sorta kinda-not really-boyfriend found me on Facebook last night (2 years after me deciding he was an immature brat not worth my time and not talking to him since). I have to admit, it was a little bit fun getting to answer his question, "so what's new with you?"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Musings...

* St. Paddy's Day dinner went well, despite some confussion and unnecessary drama. The smashed potatoes, steamed/buttered cabbage and especially the corned beef turned out great! I watched Martha on DVR after dinner, and although I did not brine my brisket for 2 weeks prior to the holiday, I think mine turned out better looking than hers.

I didn't add green food coloring to the 'taters. I meant to. Mom used to always do that, and in our milk too. Meh. I figure I'll do that for future kiddos, for sure. And (a sure sign we're getting old) we didn't go out for green beer either. We just sat around watching the Magic lose, drinking Smithwicks.

* I'm leaving work a bit early today to help dad pick out new flooring and bathroom tile for the remo. Working on this has taught me that I never want to build a house--too many decisions, and so expensive! And it isn't even my money I'm spending! My poor dad though, he's even more clueless on it than I am, so for his sake I try to take charge and not show how insanely flustered it all makes me feel.

* I'd been wanting a pale, opaque pink for my nails. So I bought Orly's "Polo Princess" from their new spring '09 "Prepster" collection (right up my alley). Well...I am not sure I am in love. The application is less than perfection: it's kind of streaky, even with 3 coats. And it seems to have bubbled a bit in a few places. This mani definitely won't last past tonight.

* I went on Facebook last night and browsed pages of girls I went to high school with. I looked at 3 pages, and all 3 girls are expecting! Yikes and yowza! I closed out of that pretty quickly, haha, didn't want to catch that bug!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Éirinn go brách!

Happy St. Paddy's Day, y'all!

I like to think that I'm just like Scarlett O'Hara: I have a Southern mother and and Irish father!

Mom's family has been in the South for as long as time. They're from a teeny town down in the southeastern corner of Missouri ("the bootheel of Missour-uh") and have lived right over the levy from the Mississippi River for decades, if not centuries. Pre-Civil War, for sure. You look across the river, and there's Kentucky. Unlike the O'Haras, we were never wealthy landowners. Just basically poor white folk scraping together a living with a small cotton and soybean crop. But everyone knows that a true Southern "Lady" need not be rich.

Dad's family is fairly new to America, hailing from Tipperary Co., Munster, Ireland. They came to America in the late 19th century and settled in Pittsburgh and pretty much stayed there.

So when people ask what nationality I am, I say "Southern-American and Irish". Half the time, people think I'm talking about South America. If I was from South America, wouldn't I say "South American"? People, jeez. Anyhow, that's who I am. I do know if you trace mom's side back far enough to find out just exactly who we were before we were living on the Mississippi, we were French (Acadians...precursors to Cajuns). But that was 200 years ago. I don't think the French would want to claim us anyhow, hehe.

So here's to the wearin' o' the green! I am, of course, decked out today. A green bubble top, claudaugh earrings in my bottom holes, Helenite studs in my top holes, a canamara marble beaded bracelet, and (naturally) green nail polish. Zoya Irene, to be exact.

I put a corned beef brisket in the crock pot before leaving for work, and I have cabbage and potatoes to stew up when I get home. Irish beer too, of course. Hopefully dad, my sister and her hubby will come up too!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Future Mommy Musings....

A friend of ours just announced she's expecting. That's sort of the cherry on the top of all the 'mommy thoughts' I've been having the last month or 6, which has prompted this latest babbling entry.

One of my most constant worries is what kind of mother I'll be. With my love for all things domestic, people are always telling me what a great mom I'll be. After seeing my basketball cake for Hubby, my sister went crazy talking about how fantastic my kid's birthday parties will one day be. And while that is reassuring, I am still in fear that something I do will scar my children for life.

Especially daughters. What if I slip and tell her I'm awful at math? I want to raise a daughter who isn't afraid of math and science. I am very passionate about the idea of raising a daughter with the "Riviving Ophelia" mentality. Girls can do anything! Don't bow to peer pressure! You are beautiful and perfect as God made you, don't let your peers/boys/the media make you think otherwise! I question how that message will mesh with my prissiness in their minds. I want my hypothetical daughter to know it's "ok" to be a woman. Women can be beautiful and brilliant. I think I am a very well rounded person--I love girly things and being pretty, but I also know I'm smart and talented otherwise and know what really matters. And just because I love girly stuff does not mean I am pigeonholed. I just hope I can "lead by example" and show my daughter (or son!) to be yourself. I don't think anything can overshadow that desire in me.

I think my mom was awesome overall. There are a few things I think I'll do differently (some makeup before age 16 will be allowed in my household) but most of what she did made good sense. Mom was always our biggest cheerleader; she always made us believe we could do anything. She was as sweet and lovey as you could ever want, but at the same time she did not put up with crap. And I think if I follow that line of thought, I'll do ok. Putting up with nonsense and catering to children creates all sorts of demons that I do not want. I firmly believe that the majority of problem behaviors are facilitated by parents.

I also worry about how they'll be raised. Our household relies on 2 incomes, unfortunately. Daycare of some sort seems inevitable, and that breaks my heart. My mom stayed home with my sister and me, so that's what I know and see as "correct". Before I met Hubby, I told myself that if I can't be a SAHM and do the job myself, I do not want kids to be left to others to essentially raise. Of course, that was before I fell in love with a schoolteacher/coach. I'm still struggling with coming to terms with "daycare". The guilt begins before they're even conceived!

I just feel like Hubby and I have so much to do as "husband and wife" before we become "mom and dad". My sister and her DH were a couple for 7+ years before they married. They've been on a jillion vacations together and had so many fun experiences---LA 2x, Dallas, NOLA, Vegas, NYC 3x, Atlanta, Miami, cruises, the Bahamas, etc. Hubby and I---we'll only be celebrating our 2 year dating anniversary in late June! We're trying to cram all that in now, before we get too old (I'm on 1 side of 30, he's on the other).

Ugh. *Sigh* Right now, all I want to do is go home and take my contacts out, pour a glass of wine to sip on, and paint my nails green for St. Paddy's day. In fact, is it Friday yet?


This is a fabulous "I don't want to be at work" Monday morning distraction. How fun/cute is this? I could have made it bigger and better, but like I said being at work, simpler is best for now. But I wanted to show off my own personal little "word cloud". (If it's too small, click on it to get the full show)

Friday, March 13, 2009

...and then Disney came.

Friday, we meet again. It's another low key day at the office, so I'm here to post.

I've been browsing the web and came across and I'm having a blast reading! I've got about 10 new "must make" craft projects and recipes to try. There is no place like the South. I am a girl with many obsessions, but few top my obession with "being Southern".

Now, you may say, "but you're from Florida". That's a major pet peeve of mine: assuming Florida is not the South. Now, I'll readily admit that Orlando, FL is not Savannah or Charleston. And no, Miami does not equal The South in any way, shape, or form (maybe WPB, but that's more about being 'old money' than being Southern, really). Florida has been invaded by carpetbaggers and have corrupted much, BUT if you take the time and know where to look, Florida is oh-so Southern. We just have our own special twist on a few things.

Maybe it's the way I grew up. My parents relocated to Florida shortly after they married in the '70s. My father is from Pittsburgh, PA and my mother was born in Memphis and raised in Southern Maryland (which, if you know the area, is nothing like the rest of the state--think rural NC). The law firm my dad came to is the oldest in the city, and was full of good Southern gentlemen married to sweet and beautiful Belles. They immediately took my parents in, so these are the families I still know today. They are Orlando to me. They are the beautiful old traditions, the families that current Orlando neighborhoods are named after, the old homes that have century-old stories, the comforting accents, the traditions and ways I have come to love.

You may think of Orlando and think humidity, urban sprawl, and Disney. Now, you're right about the humidity, and we were in need of a public transportation rehaul decades ago. But "The D Word" has absolutely nothing to do with my Orlando, real Orlando, which truly lives up to its nickname of "The City Beautiful". I know Disney is what made Orlando grow, but it also ruined (or at least, has overshadowed) much of what made Central Florida's history.

Think of the grand old hotels built by the railroad tycoons Flagler and Plant. I'm picturing Great Gatsby style parties, and they were opulent. Old and new money alike came from the north to vacation. We once spent the day at the Don Cesar ("The Pink Lady") and it gave me chills knowing I was sipping a martini at the same bar that F. Scott Fitzgerald and Al Capone frequented. Think of warm gulf breezes blowing in to greet you on your porch swing. Maybe at Key West? (The Hemmingway House is a fabulous place to visit, by the by). The Panhandle is one of my favorite areas of the state, very lazy "old Florida". I actually hope it keeps its undue nickname of "Redneck Riviera"--to keep people away who don't deserve to partake in its loveliness.

Instead of peaches, we have citrus. In addition to pecan pie (which we do have plenty of, I have spent many an hour in a pecan orchard) we have key lime and grapefruit pie (sooo good!)

Even today in Orlando, Old Florida is everywhere. From our stately old oaks draped with Spanish moss, to the charming homes on the Winter Park chain of lakes, to the kids in Cotillion, to the debutante balls at Dubstread and The Country Club of Orlando, to the beautiful holiday parties and decorations we all look forward to year after year. Old Orlando, Old Florida and the Old South are still here. There are those of us who have held on to old traditions and tried to preserve a beautiful way of life...you just have to look for us. We haven't gone away.

The true icons of Orlando, our fountain and swans at Lake Eola ("e-O-luh")

Beautiful Rollins College in Winter Park.

Leu Gardens, home to some of the most beautiful azaleas and camelias in the state (and the largest formal rose garden in the Southeast!)

"Being Southern is a state of mind."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is where Preppy/Prissy-Me goes into overdrive. I must say I'm a little excited for tomorrow's Martha. I like Lilly. I do not loooove Lilly; too much Lilly is like a sorority acid trip, but in moderation it's very cute. But very expensive. I cruise eBay for pieces, but offerings in my size are limited and seem to go for way more than Little Miss Cheapo here wants to pay. I've bought a couple Lilly headbands, that's it. I'd like a dress, but I'll wait til the right price comes along.

I need to make sure our DVR is set. I record Martha from time to time--though I'm not sure why I don't record her automatically, I freaking love her. I think I may have at one point. I am not sure if it un-set itself, or if Hubby did it. (You know, in an "ooops, Martha is no longer recording, I guess there's plenty of room for me to record 24 now!" kind of occurance, you know how that goes!) I'm a bit bummed already that I'm missing today's presentation of how to make sparkly shamrock coasters. Those 3 things are right up my alley---well, at least the sparkly and shamrock stuff. Hubby's the coaster freak, but I do love an easy home decor project.

Speaking of home decor, did I tell you how I almost bought a sewing machine? Probably not. Well, I almost did last week. Hubby bought his Blackberry, and said that since he never really got me an official birthday present I should buy my sewing machine. I've only been talking about wanting one...oh, forever? So that Sunday I almost hit "buy" online, but didn't (good thing). Then Monday rolled around and I ended up needing to visit the eye doctor. That turned into a $500 venture. Ay yi yi. So the sewing machine, as much as I waaaaaant it, shall have to wait. (Speaking of Martha's craft projects reminded me of this, because I was so excited to be able to do more than "no sew" projects....sigh.)

Not that we're hurting, but we really do need to be more cognisant of our spending, anyhow. Especially since we do have our September cruise to save for. And I'm constantly reminding the Hubster that if/when we decide to reproduce, babies are expensive. I always need something to worry about, don't I?

(Oh, and by the by, I did paint my nails with Raspberry Festival last night, and they are faaabulous today)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Times they are a'changin'

Flipping time change. Honestly, could they just pick one and keep with it? Either one, I don't care, they both have their positives and negatives. Standard Time gets dark early, but Daylight Savings Time means I wake up to pitch darkness. Either way, I hatez it. Today is dragging as-is, I can't imagine how I'd feel if it was an hour behind!

Our weekend trip was great, but I'm pooped today! 6:30 came far too early this morning (especially since it was black as coal when I dragged myself out of bed). The Gators and Noles both won, so we were a happy couple! Hubby also saw the Magic play Friday night, so he was 3 for 3 over 3 days. The hotel was great too! Country Inns & Suites, I highly recommend it. And we finally had our dinner at Ted's. It was a great trip, I'm so glad we were able to go.

That ideal night I was talking about on Friday? Yeah, you guessed it, it didn't happen. I did go to happy hour with DH and his buddy, but then went over to dad's to help pack. The move happened yesterday, and seemingly all went well. But Friday I didn't get home til around 11, and Hubby stayed out later than I expected so I woke up panicked in the night. At 11 I was already so tired, I didn't even shower (so yeah, nevermind that bubble bath). Sleep was not plentiful.

I didn't even have time to do my nails all weekend! I am such a priss, but gosh I cannot help my love for a fresh mani. Tonight, for sure.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Hello my lovlies, it's been a while.

I guess I've been finding other ways to waste time, ha. Shall we do a quick re-cap?

* Herb garden: it's a go! I got intimidated by actually developing the soil outside, so I got 2 big terracotta pots and planted the herbs in potting soil with some Miracle Gro. They'll be a week old tomorrow, and they're doing well! The basil, dill and mint have tiny leaves of new development. I'm proud that I haven't killed them....yet.

* Hubby's birthday: Yesterday. He got himself a Blackberry Curve for his present last weekend, but I got him the car charger. I also baked him a birthday cake! Not quite from scratch, but not totally from a box. It was one of those gussied up mix recipes from The Cake Doctor. You take devil's food, throw in a cup of sour cream, oil, water, 4 eggs, and a box of instant pudding. The result is an extremely moist cake. I will never stray from this recipe. It is still just as easy as straight from the box. And I made the icing. Mmm. The best part? I frosted it to look like a basketball! I tinted the frosting orange, frosted the 2 layers, then made some brown frosting a piped it on to draw the lines. He was impressed. I am so Martha. :)

We are leaving tomorrow morning for a trip to visit our respective alma maters for basketball games. UF plays UK, and whichever team wins will probably be the one to go to The Big Dance. Then on to Tallahassee to see them play VA Tech. Hubby booked us a hotel that has an in-room jacuzzi in Tally on Saturday night as a late V-Day/late 6 month anni/birthday celebration, wooooooooo, lol. ;-)

Right now, I am at work. Yesterday seemed like a Friday, so you can imagine what today feels like. I'm not feeling great, but I think it's because I'm one of those psychosomatic nutty people who feels ill the second she finds out she may have been exposed to something (our office manager has either food poisoning or a stomach virus). So I'm alternating working and piddling away time. I was supposed to go help dad move (long story, but he's remodeling the house and needs to move into a rental so they can knock down walls and such at the old homestead) but they moved the move to Sunday (I'll be out of town, darnit, ha) so I'm not sure what is expected of me tonight.

I was going to meet Hubby and his good friend downtown for drinks before they went to the Magic game. I guess that will still happen. (So long as I don't come down with the plague, lol.) Relaxing for a bit with a Mich Ultra or vodka tonic (extra lime, please) would be a nice way to end the day. Then I would simply love to go home and pamper myself with a nice bubble bath and mani/pedi, but I know that's not in the cards. My Zoya polishes came yesterday, so I'm hoping to at least get a chance to swatch them (10 bottles, 10 fingers, sounds perfect!)