Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Morning, y'all!

It's a rare weekend post from me. I'm enjoying the good life right now, and wanted to share. I'm out on the patio right now. I've finished reading the Sentinel and brought my laptop out to enjoy the cool morning weather. The sun is shining and there's a breeze (which unfortunately is blowing in some smoke from a brush fire in the next county over; it's the only negative right now). I have 1 cat sitting on the chaise lounge with me, and the other is off watching the squirrels feed in the yard. To top it off, I have a delish mug of caramel creme coffee. Yes, life is good.

On Friday I did manage to run into TJ Maxx to check for Lilly dresses. They had 1 that I tried on, and while it fit like a glove, the colors looked hideous on me. The dress was a Willa Hydrangea Eyelet in pale yellow and pink. Those colors, when worn by a very pale cool toned person, is not a good thing. I was pale pinky-peach from head to toe and completely washed out. Even the dressing room attendant lamented the color situation with me, haha. At least I know I am definitely a 2, so that helps with eBay. I did find an adorable pair of pink madras shorts that weren't too short, but the check out line was so long that I gave up.

Yesterday (to take Hubby's mind off of FSU's loss) we went to Viera for a spring training game. We saw the Cardinals pound the poor Nationals. Then we drove up to Titusville to eat an early dinner at Dixie Crossroads. Mmmm, fresh Florida rock shrimp and royal red shrimp. After that, we drove back homeward and test drove "our future cars". Mine: a Honda CR-V EX-L (Glacier Blue); Hubby's: VW CC. Holy navy beans, I love "my" car. *Sigh* Our night ended back at home, eating Edy's Thin Mint ice cream. A great day.

Later today we're going to the Flea Market to stroll around. I get to browse crap I don't need, and Hubby is more than happy to go along. I'm sure the fact they sell 20 oz. beers for $2 has nothing to do with it. (Thus far, our tipsy impulse buys have been few, if any. Edit: Hubby bought some roasted almonds today, that's it!)

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