Friday, March 6, 2009


Hello my lovlies, it's been a while.

I guess I've been finding other ways to waste time, ha. Shall we do a quick re-cap?

* Herb garden: it's a go! I got intimidated by actually developing the soil outside, so I got 2 big terracotta pots and planted the herbs in potting soil with some Miracle Gro. They'll be a week old tomorrow, and they're doing well! The basil, dill and mint have tiny leaves of new development. I'm proud that I haven't killed them....yet.

* Hubby's birthday: Yesterday. He got himself a Blackberry Curve for his present last weekend, but I got him the car charger. I also baked him a birthday cake! Not quite from scratch, but not totally from a box. It was one of those gussied up mix recipes from The Cake Doctor. You take devil's food, throw in a cup of sour cream, oil, water, 4 eggs, and a box of instant pudding. The result is an extremely moist cake. I will never stray from this recipe. It is still just as easy as straight from the box. And I made the icing. Mmm. The best part? I frosted it to look like a basketball! I tinted the frosting orange, frosted the 2 layers, then made some brown frosting a piped it on to draw the lines. He was impressed. I am so Martha. :)

We are leaving tomorrow morning for a trip to visit our respective alma maters for basketball games. UF plays UK, and whichever team wins will probably be the one to go to The Big Dance. Then on to Tallahassee to see them play VA Tech. Hubby booked us a hotel that has an in-room jacuzzi in Tally on Saturday night as a late V-Day/late 6 month anni/birthday celebration, wooooooooo, lol. ;-)

Right now, I am at work. Yesterday seemed like a Friday, so you can imagine what today feels like. I'm not feeling great, but I think it's because I'm one of those psychosomatic nutty people who feels ill the second she finds out she may have been exposed to something (our office manager has either food poisoning or a stomach virus). So I'm alternating working and piddling away time. I was supposed to go help dad move (long story, but he's remodeling the house and needs to move into a rental so they can knock down walls and such at the old homestead) but they moved the move to Sunday (I'll be out of town, darnit, ha) so I'm not sure what is expected of me tonight.

I was going to meet Hubby and his good friend downtown for drinks before they went to the Magic game. I guess that will still happen. (So long as I don't come down with the plague, lol.) Relaxing for a bit with a Mich Ultra or vodka tonic (extra lime, please) would be a nice way to end the day. Then I would simply love to go home and pamper myself with a nice bubble bath and mani/pedi, but I know that's not in the cards. My Zoya polishes came yesterday, so I'm hoping to at least get a chance to swatch them (10 bottles, 10 fingers, sounds perfect!)

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