Monday, March 23, 2009

A little funny...

A second post for today, but I thought this little exchange between Hubby and me this weekend sums my pink addiction up pretty darn well:

Me: (in kitchen, tiddying up)
Hubby: "whatcha up to?"
Me: "Just finishing up some cleaning. I'm proud of us for keeping the kitchen looking nice all week!"
Me: "Yeah, me too." (looks at the counter at a neon pink foo-foo drink glass we brought back from our last cruise) "Do you want me to load that into the dishwasher too? Or did you want it out?"
Me: (looks at glass as if seeing it for the first time) "Oh! Yeah! I guess I missed that one...."
Hubby: (amused and chuckling) "You don't even see pink anymore, do you? It's like, a neutral to you now?" ;-)

I guess I do own a lot of pink (pink mixer, pink cell phone, pink iPod...if Dell and Cannon had sold pink laptops and Powershots when I last purchased, those'd be pink too...nevermind clothing and accessories) but I don't think I'll ever see the day where I don't get excited over pink! Can you imagine?

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