Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Musings...

* St. Paddy's Day dinner went well, despite some confussion and unnecessary drama. The smashed potatoes, steamed/buttered cabbage and especially the corned beef turned out great! I watched Martha on DVR after dinner, and although I did not brine my brisket for 2 weeks prior to the holiday, I think mine turned out better looking than hers.

I didn't add green food coloring to the 'taters. I meant to. Mom used to always do that, and in our milk too. Meh. I figure I'll do that for future kiddos, for sure. And (a sure sign we're getting old) we didn't go out for green beer either. We just sat around watching the Magic lose, drinking Smithwicks.

* I'm leaving work a bit early today to help dad pick out new flooring and bathroom tile for the remo. Working on this has taught me that I never want to build a house--too many decisions, and so expensive! And it isn't even my money I'm spending! My poor dad though, he's even more clueless on it than I am, so for his sake I try to take charge and not show how insanely flustered it all makes me feel.

* I'd been wanting a pale, opaque pink for my nails. So I bought Orly's "Polo Princess" from their new spring '09 "Prepster" collection (right up my alley). Well...I am not sure I am in love. The application is less than perfection: it's kind of streaky, even with 3 coats. And it seems to have bubbled a bit in a few places. This mani definitely won't last past tonight.

* I went on Facebook last night and browsed pages of girls I went to high school with. I looked at 3 pages, and all 3 girls are expecting! Yikes and yowza! I closed out of that pretty quickly, haha, didn't want to catch that bug!

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