Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Basketball Babble

Since Hubby is a basketball coach, it should come as no surprise that March is a highly anticipated month around our house. I've always loved basketball myself. I can remember shooting hoops as a kid with my dad: he'd be Larry Bird, and I'd be his rebounder, Kevin McHale (this was before we got our own team in town, so being Irish, we rooted for the Celtics til we got our Magic).

With my 2 picks for the final game out, my bracket has officially gone to Hell. It started with such promise! I'd been wanting a Pitt/Memphis match-up. With Pitt, Memphis and Mizzou out, I think I'll root for Louisville. At least their mascot has meaning to me.

At least Pitt is still alive in the women's tourney. I'm surprised UT didn't have much of a year. Being a Gator, it is my moral obligation to loathe Tennessee. But I admire Pat Summitt and will cheer for her when my Gators are not in contention. I figure if UF can't be the winner, then someone in the SEC should at least get the glory. After all, it's the best conference ever.

Speaking of Gator basketball, I was happy to hear Coach Donovan quickly shoot down the rumors that he was leaving for UK. Sorry to dash your dreams again, Big Blue. Billy D has turned you down twice now. I know Kentucky b-ball is legendary and it's a great job on paper, but Billy the Kid isn't sitting by the phone like a lonely girl on prom night (maybe that's a bad analogy to pick, considering we didn't make it to "The Big Dance" this year...but heck, neither did UK).

Hubby is in Tallahassee participating in his fantasy baseball draft (this is year 11, or something crazy like that) so I have the house to myself today. I wish I could tell you I'm doing something fantastic, but I think the best I'll manage is laundry and organizing my craft (ok, "junk") room. I store the majority of my clothes in that room's closet as well, so I'd like to make some space. But first, I need to run out to Target to pick up a few things...let's see if I can manage to leave with just the 3 things I need---yeah, right!

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