Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is where Preppy/Prissy-Me goes into overdrive. I must say I'm a little excited for tomorrow's Martha. I like Lilly. I do not loooove Lilly; too much Lilly is like a sorority acid trip, but in moderation it's very cute. But very expensive. I cruise eBay for pieces, but offerings in my size are limited and seem to go for way more than Little Miss Cheapo here wants to pay. I've bought a couple Lilly headbands, that's it. I'd like a dress, but I'll wait til the right price comes along.

I need to make sure our DVR is set. I record Martha from time to time--though I'm not sure why I don't record her automatically, I freaking love her. I think I may have at one point. I am not sure if it un-set itself, or if Hubby did it. (You know, in an "ooops, Martha is no longer recording, I guess there's plenty of room for me to record 24 now!" kind of occurance, you know how that goes!) I'm a bit bummed already that I'm missing today's presentation of how to make sparkly shamrock coasters. Those 3 things are right up my alley---well, at least the sparkly and shamrock stuff. Hubby's the coaster freak, but I do love an easy home decor project.

Speaking of home decor, did I tell you how I almost bought a sewing machine? Probably not. Well, I almost did last week. Hubby bought his Blackberry, and said that since he never really got me an official birthday present I should buy my sewing machine. I've only been talking about wanting one...oh, forever? So that Sunday I almost hit "buy" online, but didn't (good thing). Then Monday rolled around and I ended up needing to visit the eye doctor. That turned into a $500 venture. Ay yi yi. So the sewing machine, as much as I waaaaaant it, shall have to wait. (Speaking of Martha's craft projects reminded me of this, because I was so excited to be able to do more than "no sew" projects....sigh.)

Not that we're hurting, but we really do need to be more cognisant of our spending, anyhow. Especially since we do have our September cruise to save for. And I'm constantly reminding the Hubster that if/when we decide to reproduce, babies are expensive. I always need something to worry about, don't I?

(Oh, and by the by, I did paint my nails with Raspberry Festival last night, and they are faaabulous today)

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