Monday, March 23, 2009

In a Pickle

No, not really--for once. I made some this weekend!

I modified the recipe I found on one of my very favorite websites ever, I boiled some white vinegar and sugar til the sugar dissolved, then put in some salt, tumeric, mustard seed, and pickling spice. (In the process, I spilled nearly an entire tin of mustard seeds on our kitchen floor. Despite my best clean-up efforts, they are scattered from here to Kingdom Come and I will be finding them til my yet-to-be-born children go off to college. So much for my cute method of spice storage--I'm actually surprised it took this long to have a disaster!)

Anyhow, I sliced up some smallish cukes and a few sweet yellow onions. I stuffed them down in old (clean) spaghetti sauce jars, and poured the liquid over it. I should have let it cool some, but I was impatient. And there you go! A few short hours later---refrigerator pickles! Not too sweet, just how I like them.

Get it? Sweet Pickles books? Remember them? I loved those books!

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