Monday, June 1, 2009

Believe in Magic

Let me tell you, I am on Cloud 9 right now! My favorite team, the team that I have been with since day one, my Orlando Magic are Eastern Conference Champions!

Bring it, Kobe. Bring it on! lol...

I have a friend who is a Celtics fan, and he tells me that there's no way what we (Magic fans) have can or ever will compare to what they (Celtics fans) have. Fiddle-dee-dee. I appreciate the history of such a storied franchise, but to me there is nothing more amazing than to be a part of a team from the very beginning and to be able to say "I was there for that, I remember how that felt" for every milestone.

I love Stan. I love Dwight (a 100% class act). I love Rashard, Hedo, JJ, Mickael, Rafer (thank goodness for Rafer!), Tony, AJ, Courtney, Adonal, T-Lue, The Polish Hammer, and of course dear Jameer.

Hopefully the most difficult thing about this series will be avoiding all the purple in my wardrobe for the next 2 weeks!

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