Monday, October 19, 2009

Beauty Blurbs

Top of the morning to y'all. It was a busy weekend, I'd like a nap right about now. But the Gators and Steelers won, so it was a good good time! And really, I must give Mother Nature "3 cheers" for the weekend weather she gave us! It'll be back up to the mid 80s in no time, but I loved that brief chill.

Today, my jumbled thoughts all seem to be of the beauty variety. Let's talk.

* Last Wednesday, I placed a long overdue order with I still haven't received a shipping confirmation. That drives me batty. Apparently, I am not alone. According to the ladies on the MakeupAlley Nail Board, their customer service has slacked off since I last ordered from them. Hmm. I usually shop with Trans Design, but they still don't have the China Glaze glitter polishes in. And I neeeeed some bling for my nails (don't you?)

* I have no will power and caved on the MAC holiday stuff. I ordered the Sorceress eye shadow palette and Viva Glam lip palette. They are gorgeous. Happy early birthday to me! (I shop at Old Navy so I can afford fancy-pants makeup. We all have our priorities.)

* Speaking of MAC, I know a lot of bloggers out there loooove Lilly. (Me? In moderation. Maybe if I were taller than 5 feet and wasn't constantly getting mistaken for a student at the high school where my husband coaches, I'd be more comfortable dressed like an Easter egg. But I have purchased several Lilly-fabric headbands on ebay/etsy and love them.) Here's something I think is pretty darn adorable: MAC does Lilly!
Check out Temptalia's site for info and pictures of MAC in Lillyland!
January 7, 2010 is the release date. Seems like an unlikely pairing, doesn't it? MAC may be a little "out there" sometimes, but their quality is top notch so I'm sure the products will be fabulous. They make some awesome pinks, so this is something to look forward to even for the non-fanatic. Save those Christmas gift cards!

* And one last beauty blurb: Would my co-worker PLEASE stop trimming her nails at her desk?! The sound is making me feel ill. It's really loud, like the noise the clippers make when you're not careful to "catch" the nail and it goes flying? I am afraid what I might see if I go in her office. NOT work appropriate.


  1. Nail clipping is annoying and yucky. The other day a guy kept blowing his nose at the chinese restaurant...ew!