Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm leaving? I'm back?

I like to think of myself as fairly tech-savy, but Blogger puts me in my place. Apparently, am incapable of remembering to hit that little "Publish" button that allows y'all to experience my ramblings. I type out a thoughtful entry, minimize the window, become distracted by whathaveyou, and inevitably cancel out of IE/Firefox before I finalize the post (I admit, I do a good amount of blogging during quick lulls at work...can you believe they sometimes expect some work out of me and I have to pause my precious blogging? I know). And this isn't an isolated occurance, I do it all the time. I iz smrt.

So....I went on vacation. And now I'm back from vacation. And the vacation was great!

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas is fantastic. I did NOT want to get off! I may have enjoyed the ship more than the ports. I'd been on this cruise before, so I had already done the "must do" activities. Even though I'd already done it, Hubby and I climbed Dunn's River Falls and tubed on the White River (the Falls are fantastic, I was thrilled to have the chance to go again). The poverty in the ports is very sad, and I feel guilty when I get annoyed at their persistance when walking by vendors and shops.

Our tablemates were a wonderful family from the North of England, and their daughters were precious. We had a blast with them. The ice show (yes, the ship has an ice rink) was very impressive, as was most of the entertainment around the ship. Food was plentiful, but more importantly, delicious. All I have to do is think of the flourless chocolate cake and get weak in the knees, haha.

So yes, back to life, back to reality. (At least for 9 days, then I leave for North Carolina for a family reunion) I missed my kitties tremendously, so it was great to see them. They even did me the favor of not barfing or pooing all over the house! (That's how they show their displeasure that we're not around to wait on them, it seems..."we'll teach you for leaving, here's something for you to step in as soon as you decide to come back!")

Our phone line went bad at some point while we were gone, so our DSL internet isn't working at home. Torture, lol! Hopefully AT&T will fix it today, and hopefully I'll be busy tonight catching up on the 120+ unread postings in my Google Reader. I kind of didn't realize how much I enjoy reading blogs til I started getting the itch to check in on board. At 55 cents per minute, I decided to wait til I got home, I hope you understand, haha!

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