Monday, August 17, 2009

A few little happies

Good Monday Morning!

The good news is that I survived camping with the in-laws. The Ichetucknee River was beatiful (cold, but beautiful). I got to see some egrets, herons, storks and a grand total of 22 turtles. No otters. That was a bummer. I did not get hounded about having babies, but I did get plenty of crazy advice on how to raise them once they arrive. For instance, did you know (according to my MIL) that it's terrible to have an only child, because only children "grow up weird"? Hmm. I did not know that. I'm sure all my friends without siblings would like to know that too. I knew they were too normal for their own good. I had to laugh.

The other good news is that I have lost 6 pounds! I know that doesn't sound like a ton, but on a 4'10" body it's pretty substantial. I admit I haven't been as on track with working out as I should be, but it is amazing how little dietary adjustments can make such a difference. (I hate using a scale, I've never cared about the number on it and I don't want to tempt myself into weighing daily and obsessing. I could tell my pants were fiting better, so curiousity got to me about "how many pounds does it take" to feel that difference).

Now I feel a little bit better about all the glorious eating we'll be doing on our cruise (in 19 days!!!!). I know people say you gain a ton of weight on cruises, but I never have. There's so much walking! And I always take the stairs instead of waiting (forever) for an elevator. I think I'm much more active on a cruise than I am in "real life". *hangs head*

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