Friday, August 21, 2009

Passport PSA

Just a little reminder out there for those who are planning to travel out of the country: take a minute to go find your passport right now and check its expiration date.

My poor dad. He's had this golf trip to Costa Rica planned for months, and he was so excited. As he was packing last night, he flipped open his passport and about had a heart attack when he saw that it had expired in June.

He's totally beating himself over this (the other members of his foursome decided to stay home, so he feels like he ruined it for everyone). They're good for ten long years, you just assume it's still valid. Mom used to keep track of all these little details for him. After 35 years of that, it's hard to even know what there is to keep track of, ya know?

This was going to be his first trip since mom died. One "silly" little detail, and it's a no go. I just about cried when he told me. I know it's not the end of the world, but still. At the very least, it's $$$ down the drain.

So go, check your passports---yes, now! I don't care if you just got yours a year ago. Go take a good look at that expiration year and engrave it in your memory.

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