Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I get to have all the fun

Soooooo. Last night, I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business by watching some Deadliest Catch and various Food Network re-runs, when the phone rings. Hubby answers it, and after a bit this is what I hear from his end of the conversation:

"...oh yeah! Sure, that sounds great. Definitely, a fun time. Yeah, it's a great weekend for that. Nah, we don't have anything going on. I bet Grandma will watch the dog for us..."

Hearing that, I am on high alert. And then after all that comes his useless attempt at including me in the decision making process, "I'd better ask Kate though."

After I found out what that conversation was all about, an alternate title to this post could be, "How Kate got roped into camping...with her in-laws".

Now, do not get me wrong. I love nature. I love "the real Florida". I love a nice stroll (or even a hike) through the great outdoors. I love animals and plants and just generally getting away. But the catch is, I like to sleep in my own comfy bed. And to take showers without needing to wear flip flops. And a/c...oh how I love the a/c. I wouldn't go so far as to say my idea of camping is the Marriott, but it's close. Maybe HoJo? I can do a budget inn, no problema. I am just not so thrilled at the idea of being smushed up in Hubby's parent's little camper. Call me crazy.

(Usually when Hubby does that nonsense and I'm not up for whatever he's all but signed us up for, I tell him to make up an excuse why we're not going....otherwise, it just looks like Kate the Bitch doesn't want to hang out. But with his parents, it is a bit more difficult, you know how that goes. I pick my battles.)

(And also, it must be noted, they are not bad people. They're a different brand of crazy than me, so they take some getting used to, but--so far, knock on wood--I don't have any crazy Mother in Law stories. But we've only been married a year, I still say give her time.)

Seriously, though. I'm going to go into this with a good attitude. It will be beautiful and tranquil. I'll get to go tubing (in a tube with a bottom, so I don't freeze). I get to go back up to a park I haven't visited since I left Gainesville. I am bringing ingredients to make s'mores.

So long as Hubby's mom doesn't start in on me about when we're going to give her more grandchildren, we'll be just fine. Ichetucknee Springs, here I come! (Though I may bring a flask. Come on, judge. I dare ya.)

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