Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's never too early to plan fun!

Today is Hubby's first day back at work for the new school year. Teacher pre-planning, wahooo! Ehhh, notsomuch. But what does everyone, students and teachers alike, look forward to? Spring Break! It is but a dot on the horizon now *sob*

Hubby's grandmother has been itching to go on a cruise, so we've decided to plan one for the end of March 2010. We just booked a 7 day Southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan, PR. We've gotten Hubby's best friend, Traynor, to come along as well. Hopefully we can get a few more friends to book too!

Now, you might think, "cruising with your grandmother?" But Hubby's grandma is one hot ticket. She tells it like it is. She dances. She drinks scotch on the rocks. She wants to do a zip line excursion. She is one of those people that attracts a crowd: people want to be around her, whether they're 90 or 19. She's a hoot. (She will be 84 this December)

Our first anniversary/honeymoon-makeup cruise is 19 days away, and we already have another one to look forward to! This is like being a kid on Christmas, when you know you still have visits to various relatives coming (and therefore, more presents to look forward to).

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  1. How fun! I'm going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise next month.