Friday, February 13, 2009

Be Mine

Happy almost-Valentine's Day! I suppose I should be focused on the fact that today is a big, bad, scary "Friday the 13th"....but considering I live with a black cat, I figure I should already be dead if superstitions were true.

We're not doing anything big for the holiday. I'm not anti-V-day, but I don't hype it up either. It's just a day to remind us the importance of love (romantic, family, whatever).

You know what I can't stand though? Those girls that are just SO against Valentine's Day. You know the ones---wearing black today, scowling at all happy couples. To me, there is absolutely NO wonder why they're single. Who wants a person with that kind ot attitude in their lives? Not me. Even when I was single on V-Day, I'd bake cookies for my family, friends and co-workers. It's showing love for everyone you care about, not just a husband or girlfriend.

So there's my thought on that.

Today my nails are Essie "Long Stemmed Roses". It's a bright glossy color that's as red as a pink can be and still be "pink".

I'm wearing ruby heart-shaped jewelry, which was given to me years ago by my high school/college sweetheart. So, um, don't tell Hubby. It's nothing to me, but I doubt he'd see it as neutrally as I do. "B" and I dated for almost 5 years, and we parted on good terms. We just grew to be different people. I still think well of him, I still talk to him mom occasionally. I'm happily married, and he's engaged to be married this June. He just happened to give me some awesome jewelry, so if I feel no negative ju-ju attatched to it, I see nothing wrong with wearing it. I just won't tell Hubby where it came from. "Oh, this old thing? Gosh, I think mom gave it to me....I can't remember...."

I love my shirt's shade of purple (I didn't want to go too OTT with a V-Day theme, even though tons of pink on any given day is not unusual for me). I have on black work slacks and black ballet flats now, but I'll change to dark bootcut jeans and my brown boots (which are SO not as comfy as they used to be, what's up with that?) before I head up for Hubby's basketball game at districts.

DH's team is the best in the district, but they're having a rough spell right now so winning it all is no longer a guaranty. The "star" flunked science so he's not playing, and the rest of the starting line up is sick. Plus they are playing our rival from the next town over, so their motivation is high. So we'll see how this goes!

Saturday will likely take us to Jacksonville to scout the team we'd play next on the bracket. There's a Ted's Montana Grill right by the high school we'd be visiting, and an opportunity to eat at our fave restaurant can't be missed. Especially for V-day. They don't have a restaurant in Central Florida, but Hubby took me there on a trip to Tallahassee. The food is so good. And the half dills they give as appetizers? Oh, so, so good.

Hubby's best friend is in town to attend the 500 on Sunday. Now, NASCAR is actually something I really enjoy watching. Seriously. Just not at the track. Daytona is so big, you get a better view on TV in my opinion. So we might go over Sunday morning and walk around a bit, and take in the "culture". Trainer has tickets, but we'll probably just drop him off and head out. Daytona on raceday is like a college football town for homecoming, times 2 (and much more heavy on the redneck).

Oh, and can I just release some energy about how I cannot wait to get my order from Preppy Mongram Gifts???! I'm not saying they're taking too long, they're within the processing and shipping timeline on their website....but I am impatient, lol! I ordered so much cute stuff. And I wannnit now! I want my monogram travel mug so I can finally start bringing my tea with me to work in the morning and not slop it all over me and the car.

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