Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whine and Cheese

I want my Preppy Monogram Gifts order!! Like I said last week, I know it's not "late" and they're within the shipping timeframe listed on their site. I just want my new toys. I'm kind of torn on whether I should put my monogram sticker on the back window. It might be overkill with the monogram front vanity plate. Yeah. Plus, I could save it for my eventual new car. (By "eventual", I mean just that....a year or 2 or 3). My current car is an 11 year old Honda, and she looks it. But I love her!

I guess I'm used to the quickness of the big companies. I ordered a raspberry trench jacket (and enough clearance jammies to meet the free shipping minimum) yesterday and it's shipped already.

Edit: Wow. It's like they heard my cries, I just got a shipping notice. Yay!

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