Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Garden Girl

Let me tell you, one of the biggest things I've looked forward to as a new homeowner has been the prospect of gardening. I'm not sure if I have a green or black thumb; my previous ventures were less than fantastic, but I certainly wasn't going about things right. This time I either have done or am continuing to do my research.

We're getting to the point where I don't think we'll be worrying about frosts/freezes much longer. I'd considered starting my plants from seed, but I don't think it's wise for me to get too adventurous. Since I'm going fairly basic, I think I'll be able to find everything I need at a good nursery around here. That Burpee website sure does make things look tempting!

Like I said, I'm trying not to get super adventurous. I want a fairly basic herb garden and a few veggies. For herbs, I want basil and parsley, since I cook with them a lot. Maybe some chives as well. I also want cilantro and mint. As far as veggies go, I definitely want to try bell peppers (those suckers are expensive in stores!) and cherry tomatoes. As kids, we also grew watermelons, which would be fun to try too. Mom was good with plants, but wouldn't have grown anything too high maintenance. So I feel safe going with her picks--plus I know they'll do ok down here in Florida. (I want okra too, and hear it grows well in our hot summers, but I'm the only one who'd eat it. Hubby won't go near it---same as with most delish veggies. Boooo)

The only thing I'm still confused about is soil prep. I'm sure the staff at the nursery can give me good advise. I know our soil quality in Florida is naturally poor---it's sand. I'm considering container gardening out on the pool patio. That may, realistically, be the easiest way for me to jump into things.

We're busy this Saturday (dentist appointment in the AM, then MIL's retirement party that night) but hopefully on Sunday I'll be able to get out in the yard.

The thought of fresh mint in time for our Derby party makes me happy. Real Southern iced tea and mint juleps for all!

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