Monday, February 16, 2009


(I always read "Polish" as in "Eastern European Country" when it's supposed to be "nail laquer", and vice versa...just felt the need to point that out.)

Anyhow, I don't know how up on nail polish brands y'all are, but let me tell you a bit about Zoya. Before I became addicted to NP, I'd never heard of soooo many amazing brands. All I knew were OPI and the drugstore brands. I may have vaguely known of China Glaze (ChG). Anyhow, Zoya is a brand that's actually been around for a while, but really isn't readily available in stores. or (same site), along with a few eBay sellers, are the only way for me to get my little Floridian hands on these puppies. Are they worth the shipping and the wait? You betcha!

They're a "Big 3 Free" formula, meaning they don't have the nasty potentially cancer-causing chemicals as ingredients (which, sadly, are the ingredients that make NP smooth and easy to apply). Most of the big companies these days are "B3F", but in my opinion Zoya has nailed the formula like none other. Their polishes are smooth and "creamy" and apply so effortlessly. I love their bottles too.

SO! They've got this awesome deal going on. Just go to and it'll explain things better than I can. But basically, you send them in your old unwanted funky bottles, and for $3 apiece they'll send you Zoyas of your choice! They retail for $6 +shipping, so you're getting these beauties for less than half price. This deal only lasts til the 28th of February. (EDIT: they've extended the offer thru April, yay!)
The lovelies I've picked to come live with me:

Rihanna, Annie, Layla, Moxie, Lillith, Evangeline, Dakota, Jacy, Irene, and Casey.

Mostly pinks, a few assorted reds and plums/purples, 1 orangey shade, and a green that I am strangely drawn to. I'm generally not a green NP girlie, but this one calls to me.

I just remembered a small stash of old NP bottles under my bathroom sink that came home with me when we were cleaning out mom's stuff. I'm now contemplating opening up my carefully wrapped package and stuffing a few more bottles in there! I'm sick, I tell ya, sick! Buuuut *rationalization* Zoya is proll'y my fave brand. And to get it after the sale, I'd have to pay a lot more. And shipping a couple extra bottles can't be that much more, can it? me from myself.

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