Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Dishes

*I am still in shock over my Magic's heartbreaking losses over the past 2 games. I think the entire city is dazed over last night, especially*

I buy books faster than I can read them. I just can't "do" library books. I need to be able to mark it up, keep it for future reference, or loan it (cautiously) to someone I think will appreciate it as I did.

Today I ordered Paula Deen's latest, It Ain't All About The Cookin', from (no brand new cover price for this frugal freak, "very good condition" and $5.76 shipped is more like it!)

Yay, Paula! I think this book will immediately jump the other 54 or so on my "to read" list. It makes me a little sad, because my mom always bought me Paula's new stuff when it came out, that was our little tradition. "I've got some new Paula for you!", she'd say. So this is the first book I've had to pick up myself. I hope I haven't missed any! If I have, darn, I'll just have to buy them....oh no. Ha.

(Oh, and I think we've settled on taking our original road trip this summer. It turns out my Annapolis family will be out of the country the week we're able to travel. So it all works out in the end! Either way: Paula, here we come!)

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