Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small Victories

As I mentioned earlier, I survived our first (and hopefully last) garage sale. I hate garage sales terribly. Hubby is a natural businessman, so I let him run things. Truth be told, he did an excellent job and got us a pretty penny for our junk. We also got the vast majority of the Great Garage Abyss sorted and found out exactly what was out there. (Do you own 3 turkey basters? We do.) Best of all, there is now room for my car in the garage!

The other good news is that the guest room is cleared out and I can now start decorating. The bad news is the guest room is cleared out and I can now start decorating, haha.

My "craft room" is officially overwhelmed with stuff. What kind of stuff? Well, nearly all of my clothes. My purses, accessories, and jewelry. The overflow of my book and cookbook collection (we need more shelving). My makeup. My nail polish collection. All of the stuff I took from mom and dad's before the renovation project started (all stuff I cannot dream of parting with). An old wobbly entertainment stand. Oh yeah, and my (massive stash of) art/craft supplies.

I thought the garage being messy was overwhelming, but now I'm ready to pull my hair out all over again! The super-overwhelming part is knowing that getting the room organized is only the first thing to conquer. Our house has 4 bedrooms (yes, and I'm about to whine that we don't have enough room): the master, the "office", the "guest room", and my "craft room". Guess which one will be converted to the "nursery" when the time comes? Yup. Where is all that stuff going to go? (The office bedroom is really small, otherwise I'd tell Hubby to move over and make some room for me) We need one of those HGTV makeover/organization shows to swoop in!

Umm....we don't really need a guest room, do we? That just encourages bad things, like guests, right? :)

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