Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Little Miss Indecisive needs to make up her mind about what to do for our June vacation (I know, poor me, right?)

I'd mentioned that we were planning a road trip up through GA, SC, NC, across TN and back down. But I got an email from one of my aunts last night with an invite up to visit the family (dad's side) in Annapolis. So now I need to pick.

On one hand, a solo getaway for Hubby and me would be nice (though we are going on a cruise in September, so it's not like we're missing our only chance). Sometimes vacationing with family is not really a vacation, ya know (and means I will "owe" Hubby a trip to visit some of his crazy family).

On the other, it'd be nice to get to spend some time with family that I never see. I don't know them as well as I'd like, but they're great people. I absolutely love Annapolis, and I know my aunt would be the Queen of All Tour Guides (she is the perfect Southern hostess and a major Type A personality, I'm envious sometimes). Plus my cousin, her husband and their little girl are there too. Mom's only sister (who is not speaking to us after mom's death, but that's a whole other pot of drama I've yet to figure out) lives nearby and we might be able to attempt a visit. And...I could see my beloved Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yard. (Plus we would stay at my aunt and uncle's house, which is much cheaper than hotels...)

Hmm....sounds like I have my mind made up, huh? Hubby said he'd be happy to go anywhere, so long as he's with me (awww). Tennessee will always be there for us to go see, right?

(And just so everyone knows, the path to both destinations takes us through Savannah, so visiting The Lady & Sons is a sure thing no matter what).

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