Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First is the worst, second is the best....

Well, there is one national championship we will not take 2 years in a row.

The Princeton Review lists are in, and Penn State has overtaken us as the number one party school in the nation. Tragic, I know. But they have an on-campus creamery, nevermind the booze, how can we compete with that?

The Top Ten are as follows:

1. Penn State University
2. University of Florida
3. University of Mississippi
4. University of Georgia
5. Ohio University
6. West Virginia University
7. University of Texas
8. University of Wisconsin
9. Florida State University
10. University of California-Santa Barbara

I'd like to ask my fellow SEC girls to raise their glasses for a toast, we've got 3 out of the top 5 schools (and UT came in at #16). The Southeast Conference is the best, both on and off the field. And props to FSU for helping give the Sunshine State two appearances in the Top Ten. If only every state could be so proud.

Sometimes I worry that our quest to become a solid Top Ten Public University is compromised by these silly reports, but I (and plenty of others) know that Florida is a great university. So what's the harm in a little fun?

PS: I have been trying in vain to find an image of the "Sloppy Gator". When I was at UF, the slogan "Nobody likes a Sloppy Gator" was everywhere. The little guy was actually pretty cute. He had little drunken "x eyes". I know they still use that slogan! Next time I'm in G-ville, it's going to be a mission to seek him out and capture him on film.


  1. They totally replaced that Sloppy Gator my last year at UF with some other slogan/graphic (which obviously wasn't as memorable), and I haven't seen him since. But you're right. Someone has to have an old sign somewhere.

  2. *gasp* No! First they change the logo to that boring "UF" in block letters, then they can Sloppy Gator? Who is running that place these days? We'd reference SG at least once a night every time we went out ("Now Kate, no one likes a Sloppy Gator....now drink up, have another vodka cranberry") He was too cute not to mock, haha.