Monday, July 27, 2009

The Mondays. I haz it.

How 'bout 43 non-connected thoughts? Because it's Monday, that's why.

* Hubby and I had a lovely weekend at Cocoa Beach. The days were gorgeous and sunny (yet thanks to my spf60, spf-treated sunhat and tunic, and umbrella I didn't burn or even tan, yay!). Sunday before we left, we drove over to the port to watch the cruise ships leave. We drank Bud Light Limes (hey, they're not bad), leaned against the dock and toasted the fact that in roughly 40 days, that will be us sailing away!

* I need to lay off buying books. I worship, I can't imagine shopping at B&N ever again. I just got "Eat This, Don't Eat That!" Supermarket edition, which should be very helpful. I also received "Angela's Ashes" (super strange coincidence, I bought it the day before Frank McCourt died....cue that twilight zone freaky music). I also recently scored "A Southern Belle Primer, or why Princess Margaret will never be a Kappa Kappa Gamma" at a local thrift store (love those!), and it has made me bust out laughing several times. So wait, remind me again why buying books is bad? I'm getting them second hand....

* My sister in law came over last week with her 4 kids (gee, too bad I was at work and missed that...). I expected to come home and find our house looking like WWIII had rolled through--but no, S-I-L hung all of our pictures and such that we hadn't done anything with. I hate grouping and hanging art/pictures, I have no eye for it. That is why the task has been basically ignored for the year we've been in the house. 3 cheers for Hubby's almost makes her over-dramatic tendencies and poorly behaved children tolerable (almost). It looks like, dare I say, a home?

* I am going off hormonal birth control. I have gotten so that I don't have a period, ever, even during placebo weeks. Little Miss "I must be in control" here doesn't like that. I want to be more in tune with my body, especially if Hubby and I were to think about having youngins'. I've been on HBC for quite a while now, so I am actually going to have to re-learn how my body works. I just seriously hope my skin doesn't go last attempt at going off HBC ended with me as a cystic acne mess. Obviously if I am ever going to have kids I'll have to come off my good-skin-crutch at some point, but I'm still nervous about that aspect. I am what I am, and I am vain, I can't help it.

* Hubby's having knee trouble again. About 2 years ago he injured his left knee and had surgery on it. Now, his right knee is giving him trouble (to a lesser extent). He'll probably go in for an MRI this week, and hopefully the damage will not require surgery. If it does, he and I are both hopeful that he can manage his discomfort and be able to schedule the procedure for after our cruise. He'll still have 2 months to recover before basketball season starts, but he'll also be able to enjoy our trip. Poor guy. It's always something!

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