Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sharpie Goodness

I love Sharpies. But that's nothing special, everyone does. Everyone I'm buddy-buddy with, at least. It must be something I subconsciously seek out in a friend, or a characteristic that comes with people like "us". We get excited over new colors. I am already plotting buying one of those big rainbow packages during the Back to School sales (one of my fave times of the year).

So yes, Sharpies in general are fantasticness in stick form but my main purpose in this post is to share the wonder that is....the Sharpie pen.

Just why is it so fantastic?

* It writes in a nice, crisp, thin-but-not-too-thin line.
* It does not bleed through paper.
* And, best of all (fellow Lefties, are you listening???) the ink dries fast and does not make a smudged mess out of your paper and hand!

The pen comes in black, blue, red and green. I realize these have probably been out forever and my rave is nothing new. But I am a pen geek and office supply junkie, and right now these are definitely my favorite. When a Leftie finds a good pen, she just about cries and is obligated to share the knowledge. This is a goodie!

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