Thursday, July 23, 2009

Interweb babies!

You know technology is both a scary and absolutely awesome thing when you've been following the blog of a pregnant couple for their entire pregnancy, their due date is today and you know they're at the hospital, and the first thing I want to check up on as I sit down at my computer in the morning with my cup of coffee is how far apart the mom's contractions are. Email can wait.

I don't know them from Adam. They don't know me. Even so, I've been drawn in to their story (or as they probably think of it, their life, haha) and am so excited for them. Man, the interwebs are cool.

They have even made me use the Twitter account I signed up for so long ago and never log into. They're updating from the hospital (they have over 15,000 followers, they're quite a phenomenon). Hallmark should make a card that expresses that sentament.

His Boys Can Swim is the name of the blog (the 12 year old boy in me finds the name hilarious and still giggles every time 'he' sees the homepage graphics). I think I like them so much because they seem so down to earth and "real". Like people Hubby and I would want to go out for beers with (aww, look Sweetheart, I'm setting up imaginary double dates for us with strangers!).

Ok, now off to hotmail and msnbc, my usual first 2 stops in the morning. But hey, it's not every day a baby is born to the authors of my current fave blog to stalk!

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