Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Day, Another Rant...

Dear Black Monte Carlo Driver:

Hello. I see you daily on my way to work. I know it's you that I see every day, because your car is very distinctive. I hope I'm not imposing, but I thought I might offer you some friendly advice.

Since you drive this route daily as I do, you should know the route to your destination pretty well. So maybe instead of cutting people off and nearly causing an accident every morning, you could remember a mile or so back that you need to get into the left lane every day to get on the interstate? Or if you do insist on repeating that last-second lane change, maybe at least use your turn signal? I don't mean to be presumptive, but I feel like I speak for our fellow commuters when I say I do not want to start my day with a wreck.

And, not to pry, but does your mother know how often you use your middle finger and horn? If I knew where she lived, I'd write her a letter. She would not be pleased. I'm sure she thinks she raised a gentleman.

Also, how about keeping an ash tray in your car? I completely agree, smoking is a disgusting habit and I wouldn't want that mess in my car (or lungs, but that's another rant for another day...), but tossing your butt out into the road is not cool. Not cool at all.

One more thing: I mentioned your car is distinctive, and that is because you have a huuuuge Bible verse plastered on your back window, and a second on your bumper. Not to judge, but what does the Lord think about your inconsiderate driving and littering? That is not the way to treat your fellow man or the earth. I see you want us all to believe you're a good Christian (you're going to great lengths to broadcast it) but I'm not seeing the evidence to back it up. Just some food for thought.

Thanks for listening! Have a smooth drive home!


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  1. Hopefully, he's a blog reader and found your post! I just hate it when people drive like that.

    Thanks for stopping by today!