Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Babble

(I just have to say, I've received my first comment and follower this week, and I am positively tickled pink! Thanks ladies!)

You know what one of the best feelings in world is? Feeling normal after you've felt bad! I had a headache from Friday night til a bit after waking up this morning. I slept most of Saturday away. It's so nice to no longer feel I have a big ole' rubber band strapped around my head!

I need to go through my closet this afternoon and put together a box of stuff for the Viet Vets. They're coming tomorrow. I'm a bit of a pack-rat when it comes to clothes, so getting honest with myself is going to be tough. But I sure could use some extra room in my closet! And Viet-Vets/Am-Vets are such good charities. I'd rather donate to them than do a garage sale.

I'm going to attempt an Easter craft or two today, as well. It occurred to me, 'why not make some cute projects now, while I have time (aka, no kids)? Then when I have kiddos (aka, the ones who'll appreciate the decorations) there'll be something fun for them to jazz up the house.'

Project No. 1 shall be Martha-inspired glitter eggs. My original intent was to go all-out with the real eggs (cleared of their innards, of course). Well honestly, that's too much work! I found styrofoam eggs at Michael's, which realistically will hold up better through the years. I picked out pink, green, and blue glitter. We'll see how this goes: glitter, glue, and curious cats are dangerous things to have around at one time. Hopefully I can do this project without combining the 3!

Here's Martha's finished result. She used "glitter dust", which I could not find at Michael's and probably would not want to pay the price tag for if I could. I'll just be using regular glitter. I'll post pictures, I promise.

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