Thursday, April 9, 2009

It must be Magic!

For a brief moment earlier today, this mouthy broad was speechless.

My father called me up and told me he had some tickets to Friday Night's Orlando Magic/NY Knicks game for us. I thought, "aww, that's sweet". He regularly ends up with tickets from his buddies and passes them along to us, so I figured this was like any other time.

No. Oh, no. Not even.

I wish I'd had a camera watching me when I took them out of the envelope earlier. We are seriously going to be right by the home bench. Not even behind it, next to it. Apparently these are the only seats in the entire Amway Arena that are better than the team owner's seats. Hooray for dad's awesome friend! (Said buddy is at Augusta this week--poor guy--so that's why the seats are available).

As a sports nut and fan of the Magic since they were "born" (they played their first game on my 9th birthday. I got a basketball franchise for my b-day, what'd you get? Eh?) I am giddy! It's a nationally televised game on ESPN, should you have nothing better to do than watch. We're going to DVR the game and watch to see if we catch ourselves later on (we're dorks, what can I say?) I pray I don't pick my nose or do something else equally klassy.

I'm in a tizzy over what to wear. Hubby and I are going to get there when the doors open and watch the warm ups. I need to charge my camera battery, because that puppy is going to get a work-out tomorrow night!

P.S.--I love how I made "we got awesome tickets!" go on for about 8 paragraphs...

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  1. Oh you are going to have a blast.... my family has been Denver Nuggets fans for years- LONG before anyone would have ever called them good. Each year our tickets got better and better and now we're courtside.... there is just nothing like it. You're gonna love seeing all your favorite people so close!