Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Monday, can't trust that day...

Poor Monday. Everyone hates it. It's not Monday's fault it is what it is.

Our weekend ended nicely. We visited our farmer's market for the first time since moving to the area. We got a great deal on some red bell peppers and an onion (seriously, the bulb was as big as my head, its greens were 2 feet long, it was as sweet as can be, and only a buck!)

I finished up my glitter eggs as we were watching the CMA's, and they are adorable! A bit messier than I anticipated, but no full fledged disasters. I don't have any pictures of my own yet; it was dark outside when I finished and dark when I left home this morning (I'm at work, shhh!) The ended up lookin exactly like my inspiration photo, which I'll share (from the blog'm having trouble making the hyperlink, but at least here's the address-- they actually used glitter instead of Martha's fancy 'glitter dust')

See? So cute! And really, so easy. I might "seal" them with some clear spray stuff, just so they don't shed too much glitter. I didn't do white, but I should have! Maybe I'll do some white ones for a "regular/in between holidays" table centerpiece. I definitely see myself doing the glitter pumpkins Martha does at harvest time. I might like glitter just a little too much, what can I say?

Moving on from one love of my life (glitter) to another (basketball). Tonight's the NCAA Championship! Hubby is rooting for Michigan State; he says they are a technically superior team. Technical, schmechnical. ;) I'm rooting for Carolina. (1) With a few exceptions, I will always root for the Southern team. (2) I love that color blue and the argyle. (3) Tyler Hansbrough is from a town very close to where my mama's family is from. Makes good logic to me! (And although I don't think Louisville has much of a chance against UConn, tomorrow I'm rooting for the Cardinals nonetheless!)


  1. Your blog is so cute too! Thanks for following me- I am now a follower of you too and I LOVE how you list what nail polish you are wearing.
    Just got back from a mani/pedi and I am wearing bubble bath (my signature color) and my chihuaha doesn't bite!

    Thanks again for checking out my blog!

  2. what a neat project! I always hated working with glitter because it gets everywhere!