Thursday, April 16, 2009


Back before Facebook changed up their layout, my friends and I (along with the rest of North America) loved that "bumper sticker" application. I especially loved the ones with the old-timey drawings and the modern-day captions that were formal sounding. Everyone knows them, I'm sure. They're often irreverent, sarcastic, matter of fact, and very "me".

My sister, bless her similarly-twisted heart, recently sent me a link to the motherload of these beauties. I'm sure she regrets it. My poor friends and family...they get blasted with a new 'love-note' from me far too often.

Considering my 10 year reunion is approaching (holy $#&@!, where'd the time go?), I thought this one was especially fitting.

It's funny because it's true.

These things capture my sense of humor perfectly. I laugh at these things like a little boy (same as I do for LOL-cats, but I can't divulge my dippy sense of humor all at once now, can I?). If you catch yourself laughing while browsing these pictures, then we could totally go out for margaritas. We would get along just fine.

someecards....when you care enough to hit send.

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  1. I LOVE sommee cards! I am a member of their site, and I send them constantly. Ohhh they crack me up.