Friday, April 3, 2009

She came home!

I woke up to some fantastic news this morning, and I just have to share! I found a text on my phone sent by my dad in the middle of the night. Our lost kitty had come home!

Her given name is "Kitt", but due to her positively crazy energy when she was a kitten she earned the unfortunate nickname of our little "crack baby". She also goes by "Little Girl". Kitt is an adorable 8 year old tortoiseshell cat.

Anyhow, she got out when some workers came to install the dryer at the rental house dad is staying in while his house is being renovated. He's not one to show much emotion, but we could tell Dad was pretty broken down about losing her. Being a Tortie, she is naturally a very clingy cat. If she cannot be on your lap, then she is at your feet. She waits outside the shower for you. If she could crawl in your mouth to get closer to you, she would. Plus, she was mom's little sweetie. Kitt would perch on mom's shoulder like a parrot(she's a tiny cat; she only weighs a couple pounds).

So dad heard a cat making a ruccus outside last night and went to look...and there was our girl! Our Little Girl, who hadn't spent more than 1 minute outside since we rescued her as a kitten, had survived nearly 2 weeks on the streets!

I knew she'd come home to us, I knew our prayers would be answered. I knew God wouldn't take her away from us. I'm not a religious person in the sense that I talk about the Lord nonstop or preach, religion is much more personal to me, but it is little gifts like this that make me realize there is a higher power.

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  1. what great news! one of my cats has a history of getting lost, but making it back after a week or two.

    you're blog is so cute!