Monday, April 13, 2009

Bag Lady

The only thing worse than a Monday is a Monday after a long weekend. Ugh. All 3-day-weekends should be Sat-Sun-Mon, so you can "recover" from your mini vacay with a shortened workweek. But nobody asked me. And I guess since the holiday was "Good Friday", not "Good Monday", it's probably a little bit beyond my power anyhow.

I hope everyone had a great Easter! Mine was wonderful. Maybe it was because I was super busy all day long, but it was the first holiday since losing Mom that I didn't spend in a total funk. Church and brunch with Hubby's family was very nice, as was dinner with my father and sister. I'm lucky to have such fantastic people in my life (even if Hubby's grandmother seemed disapproving that I put relish in my deviled eggs).

I'm super excited for the UPS man to come today. He's going to bring me my new Lands' End tote! I "needed" one with my married monogram on it. I got it in medium, which I think will be perfect for work (and in pink, naturally).

I also ordered a large tote from L.L. Bean last week. My madras addiction is rivaling my polka dot obsession (almost). I need to step away.

It's light enough to be girly, but dark enough to be practical (I am a dirt magnet). I know I could have ordered basically the same monogramed tote from LL Bean and gotten everything in 1 order, but Lands' End has better monogram choices (I wanted "script initials"). And I had free shipping with them, so I only paid shipping on 1 order. See, it makes sense now, haha.

Speaking of making sense, I found this beauty from The Monogram Shop that defies personal logic (scroll down and check out that Utility Tote). Now, I know I am the Queen of Cheap and I know it's not polite to imply how people should spend their own money, but wowza. Maybe I need to see it in person to understand, but that $215 tote looks nearly identical to the $25 one I have coming from Lands' End!

If I buy another tote, slap me!


  1. I have quite the collection of totes.
    Hubby makes a comment each time I bring one home.
    I agree with you regarding the one from the Monogram Shop. It is a way bit too pricey for my bank account.

  2. just found your blog and so happy I did...